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September 02 2012


A Few Tips On Applying Eye Makeup For Great Results

Eyeshadow application can be made easy by remembering a few simple guidelines. Your look can be transformed by the way you wear eye make up. Amazing eyes can be created in numerous ways. You can create lots of different effects as there is plenty of variations of make up available. The key to flawless eye shadow that lasts all day is to prime your eyes. To enhance your eyeshadow and make it last priming your eyes first is very important. For very best results when applying eyeshadow ensure that you have had loads of practice. Don't despair if you don't get the best results straight away just keep trying. When you are blending take time and also care. To start with you need to highlight. a wonderful nude shimmer works very well. to all of your lid and eye area. Then use a paler colour of you preference and apply this to your eye lid. In the fold of your eye carefully apply a dark eyeshadow colour. Using a clean eyeshadow blending brush, very carefully blend your eye shadow together using a left to right motion. To create various looks by blending, one can also try putting on a lighter shade of colour over the eye lid followed by a darker shade to the outer half or quarter of the eye lid. This video is a great example of a look to wear in the daytime. Experimenting will eventually take you to the perfect look. There are numerous kinds of eye shadow and amazing shades of colour to experiment with so have some fun! You can also apply eyeshadow to your lower lash line to create something extra unique. I wouldn't recommend foam applicators to apply the best looking eye shadow results. Different brushes are available for different specific uses.. I find a purpose brush is an important tool to create the ideal eyes. I must have the following brushes in my makeup bag. For exceptional blending power and immaculate outcomes use a powder shadow brush. A cream shadow brush is essential for flawless and crease free results. A hard angle, definer brush may enable you to produce some different looks including the smokey eye. You can create an ultra soft, sexy look with the smudger brush. Try using a cotton but to tidy up any mistakes that you may have made. Fantastic Idea, If you have misplaced your brush, apply your eyeshadow using your fingers. For more useful makeup tips like this, please take a look at the authors eye-shadow web site at this url or for more specific tips on eyeshadow read more at how to put on eyeshadow

August 25 2012


A Quick-Start Guide To Investing In Penny Stocks

The low costs affiliated with buying and selling buy penny stocks is something that attracts a lot of people because it suddenly makes it affordable to get started . It can be very tempting to try and make a lot of money in too short a timeframe can be the downfall of the inexperienced investor. The dreams of hitting it lucky with their first foray into the game take hold and cause them to make ill-advised choices that result in them losing their money quickly But with the correct information from the start you can set yourself up for a lot of success Basic penny stock concepts The terms virtually speak for themselves, but there are two main types of investment penny stock investors can make. Let's take a peek at them here. Going Long The idea of going long refers to those traders who buy a stock and keep it without selling for as long as possible under the premise that the stock market always goes up over time. This idea can catch newcomers out though since whilst the market does in fact always continue an upward trend when you observe it on a long enough time scale, there can be no guarantees that any particular individual companies value will do the same . Of course, it is unrealistic to think that no companies have or ever will cease trading. Therefore it is still part and parcel of the game that penny stock traders will lose money at some point when this happens . Going long, you will experience the roller coaster ride that is the ups and downs of the stock market . But they must sit tight and weather the storms, trusting that eventually the value will once again rise up and provide a profit a long way down the track . Whilst a lot of money can be made going long, the risks involved with going short can reap much quicker benefits . Going Short It is the volatility of the short term that a skilled investor in penny stocks can leverage to their advantage . Very large amounts of money can be made when investors buy and sell penny stocks over the short term . Believe it or not, it is not unheard of that an investor will buy and sell the same shares a number of times in the same day to turn a profit . But to ride this train penny stock traders need to be willing to take the associated risk because things can go bad very very quickly . But with enough knowledge, practice, experience and luck you too can make a pretty penny if you are able to buy and sell at the right times and for the right price . Timing is such an important factor when going short and you have a few options when it comes to picking up this skill. Either learn the hard way by making your own mistakes, or take advantage of a number of learning resources that are available to you . Knowing when a stock is about to make a strong move is one of the essential skills that you will need as a penny stock investor .
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